About Our Organization

MinutemanThe Sons of the American Revolution has its roots in the centennial celebrations of 1876, with the Sons of Revolutionary Sires, a group of descendants of patriots in San Francisco, California, who formed a fraternal and civic society to salute those men and women who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the battle for independence from Great Britain.

Out of the Sons of Revolutionary Sires grew the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, which was organized on April 30, 1889. The SAR was conceived as a fraternal and civic society composed of lineal descendants of the patriots who wintered at Valley Forge, signed the Declaration of Independence, fought in the battles of the American Revolution, served in the Continental Congress, or otherwise supported the cause of American Independence. The National Society was chartered by an Act of the United States Congress on June 9, 1906.  The charter authorizes the granting of charters to societies of the various states and territories and authorizes the state-level societies to charter chapters within their borders. Federal Legislation​​ then established a federal charter for the National Society, SAR.

The SAR Aaron Snowden Chapter, Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida was named after the American Revolutionary Soldier – Patriot, Aaron Snowden. Aaron’s burial site is in Historic Milton Cemetery – Berry Hill. Click on the Tombstone Photo below and visit Aaron Snowden’s Fold3.com Memorial.  Plenty of information, photos, and related links.